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"Honest Accounts? The true story of Africa's billion dollar losses".

(Note shegeronline) Mama Africa lost a lot of money.To learn More Watch The video Below.

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"New MIDROC Gold Mine Starts Operation This Summer".

04 June 2014 MIDROC Gold has announced that it will start mining gold in the summer of 2014 at a second mine in Oromia at Sakaro, only three kilometres from the main Lega Dembi gold mine. Lega Dembi began producing gold in 1998 and currently produces up to four tons of gold per annum. It contributes about 250 million dollars to Ethiopia's foreign currency earnings each year. In 2008, MIDROC Gold discovered a second primary gold deposit in the Sakaro area which it has estimated at 20,483 kg. It has been undertaking feasibility studies for extraction since then. MIDROC signed a ten-year agreement related to gold extraction in Sakaro with the Ministry of Mines in November 2009. In addition to Sakaro, MIDROC Gold has discovered a further gold deposit in the Benishangul Regional State. The Company began exploration activity in the Metekel license area in Benishangul in 2004, investing 200 million birr in exploration. It discovered 33 tons of gold deposits in the Jilay locality in 2011 and is still undertaking the final feasibility study on extraction (which is due in or around the end of the year). This study will enable it to make a decision on further investment. To Learn More GOTO THE Source: MIDROC

Mohammed Al Amoudi  was a millionaire when he came to Ethiopia/Oromia.After Al Amoudi came to Ethiopia/Oromia and  started doing mining business in south Oromia he became a Billionaire and made to Forbes list.According to forbe.com Al Amoudi networth $13.5 B as of 3/2013.In the video on the left Al Amoudi thanked Aba Dula ([email protected]) for helping him @ his mining business in south Oromia/Ethiopia where Al Amoudi earned over $600 mi and over  200 Oromos arrested and jailed and over 2 locals went missing after participating protested against Al Amoudi's site inside south Oromia.to learn more try the link below here :must click  Here           


Oromia-Ethiopia: Wikileaks – Govt’s Crackdown on Oromo on Behalf of MIDROC Gold During Shakiso/Guji Protests of 2009:


1. (SBU) Residents of Shakiso Wereda accuse Laga Dembi Mine, owned by billionaire Sheikh Mohammed Al Amoudi, of releasing toxic chemical waste into a nearby river, causing illness to people and animals in the area. Local residents and students submitted a petition to the local government arguing that a second gold mine should not be given to MIDROC before it cleans the toxic waste that it has released from Lega Dembi, and the company brings benefits to the community. Local government officials, who were allegedly instructed by federal authorities to halt an ongoing investigation into the toxic dumping, resorted to mass arrests of the protesters. According to Members of Parliament (MPs) from Guji and Borena Zones of Oromiya region, over 100 people remain detained in Yabello prison awaiting trial, and opposition political party members and candidates were specifically targeted. According to Human Rights groups and MPs, the whereabouts of three university students and two political leaders is unknown. End Summary.

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Below is a young Oromo lady who worked for 2months for Saudi family of 7kids.She said she was abused, robbed, and let go by the lady of the house with no pay for her work and also lost all her hair. Saudi Arabia is a birthplace of Islam and where Al Amoudi  is from.

According to DR.Wondimu Mekonnen UK based human right activist and an Ethiopian patriot

Meles Zenawi's Daughter Semehal Meles deposited $5 billion into NY based bank in U.S.

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TPLF CEO Meles Zenawi was not a millionaire when he came to Ethiopia/Oromia in 1990's.

After Meles Zenawi and TPLF members came to Ethiopia/Oromia and controlled banks and army and  everything under the sun Meles Zenawi became  a Billionair before he passed away in 2012.According to celebrity networth meles zenawi worth $3 B.as of 1/2013 to learn more try the link below here:

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