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Below Are Medias that Work For The Best Interest Of TPLF's (aka Tigray Speaking Government  of Ethiopia .(operated by individuals who have tie to TPLF Elites In one Way or another. All Of Them Have TPLF Elites Best Interest at heart. All of them are benefiting from TPLF regime in one way or another.

[email protected]  First  :website: Ethiopiafirstcom 

Interview with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi - 1 of 4

Ethiopia: PM Hailemariam Desalegn speaks to EthiopiaFirst.com

Ethiopia First operated by A Canadian passport holder Benyam Kebede. AKA Ben.

In Photo on left Benyam Kebede of Ethiopia First With The Late Child killer Meles Zenawi TPLF's CEO.

Benyam Kebede Of Ethiopia First .Com Is Very Loyalty To TPLF Elites/Ethiopia Ruling Class.

2.Awramba Times .Com  Website: AwarambaTimes.Com

Awramb Times Is operated By Dawit Kebede

Dawit Kebede Of Awaramb Times .Com Is Very Loyalty To TPLF Elites/Ethiopia Ruling Class.

@3. EBS TV promotes TPLF' s Ethiopia AKA      The Government of Ethiopia.

Dr.Eleni Gebremedhn speaks about Zenawi (EBS).avi  

EBS TV Broadcast  24 in Amharic and English .EBS TV promotes Tigray and Amahar culture  And American culture.EBS TV Does not broadcast  In Afaan Oromo.By not broadcasting  in Afan Oromo EBS TV discriminating  against Oromo people.

Members of the sports family paid tribute to Prime Minister Meles

@4. Tigrai Online .Com  Website: Tigraionline.com    is operated from u.s.

@5.U.S based TPLF 's Blogger Name: Samuel Gebru.

On the left in the picture :on the left Samuel Gebru on the right of TPLF's founder Seloum Mesfin currently  works at TPLF/Ethiopian Embassy in china. Samuel Gebru holds U.S passport.

Samuel Gebru :@ Facebook:Facebook.com

Samuel Gebru's Website: Samuel M.Gebru

According to TPLF's blogger an employee  of EBS TV Nunu Wako's facebook page she is teaming up with TPLF's Elite member Dr.Tedros Adhanom to celebrate Diaspora citizens "Diaspora day" Read here on the right>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

#6.U.S Based TPLF's blogger Nunu Wako & an employee Of u. s based TPLF'S EBS TV.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye: We are approaching the beginning of #NEWERA! #Ethiopian Gov't wants to celebrate its Diaspora citizens by dedicating #ADIASPORADAY. @DrTedros & MoFA @mfaEthiopia are asking for a date recommendation from the Diaspora community in which Ethiopia will celebrate it in style . Have your say now or forever hold your peace. It is not often that Diaspora communities are celebrated. I am excited to see this kind gesture of an olive branch being extended to the Diaspora community by the Ethiopian Gov't. This is can lead to the strongest economical and civil society ties across continents. Go Ethiopia!

source: Facebook.com